Special Encouragement for the New Year

As we dive into day 2 of 2022, I want to share special encouragement in our devotional time this beautiful Sunday morning!

I’m not one to set new year’s resolutions because they never seem to last past the first week! Besides, if I resolve to do or not do something, am I not (most often) depending upon my own ability to succeed? Sounds like a recipe for failure to me!

Instead, for years and years, I have asked the Lord to give me one word for the year that will encourage, strengthen, stretch and help me to live for Him. This year’s word is “hope.” Not, “I hope this or that,” but the deep spiritual hope we have in Jesus Christ. Faith and hope go hand-in-hand, and Hebrews offers the essence of my word for the year:

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

~Hebrews 11:1

With that in mind, we have hope in Jesus Christ, who is able give us contentment in whatever is thrown at us this year. Meditate on these thoughts, and perhaps ask the Lord to give you a word to guide your life this year:

PS: It is no coincidence that the ministry God has given me is called Looking for the Blessed Hope! He is our Hope…and He is returning soon!

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