Why Should Christians be Involved in Government?

I have to admit…I’ve always been a history/government geek! I love history, and government intrigues me! The facts that America was founded on Christian principles, became an important vessel in spreading the Gospel worldwide, has stood with Israel, and our history is replete with examples of God’s goodness has always been part of my “fabric” as an American Christian.

God has called me to other things, so I have never run for public office, but I am in constant contact with my elected officials on every level. Some of them know me by name! For me, it is important to speak up, particularly when it comes to moral, conservative, Christian values.

It is also my belief that no area of life should be off limits for Christians…including government! We must be involved if we desire our country to reflect Godly values. Stop and think….what might America be like if Christians had taken a stand in the 1960’s and said, “We ARE going to pray in schools…abortion is NOT going to be legal…God’s ways are critically important!”

So, that’s where I stand, and just this morning, Pastor Jack Hibbs delivered one of the most powerful messages in that regard I have ever heard. Speaking at America Fest 2021 here in Phoenix, here is what Pastor Jack had to say. I can only say, “Amen…and let’s do our part!”

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