What is the Best Way to Bless Israel?

As Bible students and lovers of Israel, you are familiar with a very well-known promise of God in Genesis 12:3. Paraphrased and in part, it says: Those who bless Israel will be blessed.

Often, people say, “I am only one person. How can I bless Israel?” Over the years, we’ve talked about lots of ways to bless Israel, but the very best way to bless Israel is with Jesus!

The Lord God is longing for His chosen people to turn to Him, and there is an incredible awakening happening in Israel today! The Gospel is going out to Jews and Arabs alike, and hearts are turning to Yeshua!

This year, if you are looking for a great place to send a year-end gift, what better way to bless Israel than with Jesus! Be part of the effort to reach Jews and Arabs alike by considering two ministries who use their funds well and are most active in sharing the Gospel there: One for Israel (spreading the Word and teaching others about Jesus) and Home of Jesus the King Church (the “hands and feet” of Jesus to Jews and Muslims). Take a look at these short videos to learn more. Then, please click the links above to partner with them in blessing Israel with Jesus!

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