Learning the Lessons of Peter: There is Hope for All!

One of my favorite places to visit in Israel is Tabgha. It is an ancient fishing village near seven warm water springs, making it a fantastic fishing spot. Due to the outstanding fishing conditions, it is believed by many to be the place Jesus called fishermen Peter and Andrew, then James and John, to be His disciples.

Likewise, it was in this area that Jesus restored Peter following his denial of Him just prior to crucifixion. I have never met a Christian brother or sister who doesn’t have a bit of “Peter” in them! At times, we question, we doubt, we stick our feet in our mouth, and we commit to things we cannot fulfill. Yet, just like Peter, God restores us following our failures and uses us to do mighty things in His Kingdom once we surrender to Him! And, yes, just like Peter, we are commanded to tend His sheep!

Be encouraged, Christian friends. God’s grace knows no bounds! Take a few minutes to soak in His love and grace:

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