Does Iran Hold All the Cards Now?

When President Trump pulled out of the ill-fated nuclear deal with Iran in 2018, he levied the most restrictive sanctions any nation in the Middle East had ever faced. Almost immediately, it began to cripple the Iranian economy, and by the time Trump left office in January 2021, Iran’s economy was hanging by a thread and they had nothing with which to continue developing nuclear weapons. Nor did they have outlets in which to sell their oil.

But oh how far Iran has come since Biden entered the White House. Not only did he immediately begin to loosen sanctions and make promises about a renegotiated deal, but he destroyed America’s oil independency, making us dependent upon foreign oil while allowing Iran to export their around the world! Not to mention movement of oil is now very dangerous through the Middle East, due to Iran’s sudden ability to wreak havoc in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere.

Iran is now just steps away from enriching uranium to a level necessary for nuclear bombs. They are currently enriching to 60% purity (well beyond the 3.67% allowed in the nuclear deal Iran is still part of), and are ready to enrich to 90%, which is nuclear quality.

Tehran has long since stopped allowing IAEA inspectors into their facilities, and they have blatantly laughed in the face of the Americans who continue to plead with them to return to the bargaining table. Now that they are only a step away from the bomb, they say, “Okay, we’ll talk…indirectly.”

So today, the Iranians sit with a room full of negotiators in Vienna, minus US presence because Iran refuses to negotiate directly, in a fake attempt to “make a deal” with America and the rest of the world. It is absurd and begs the question: Does Iran hold all the cards?

Hint: Read Ezekiel 38-39!

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