Shades of Ezekiel 38: Israel is Preparing for War

Hi friends! Late last night news leaked of a possible explosion at or near one of Iran’s nuclear facilities in Isfahan. So far, there is no definite confirmation of such in mainstream media. Regardless, there is lots of activity happening in the Middle East this weekend.

Iran is smelling blood, now that the US has committed to negotiations without a serious commitment to military force. They are confident in their race toward nuclear weapons and some are reporting that Iran has what it needs…it is only a matter of time to put it all together, mounted on a missile capable of delivering the bomb.


  • Lebanese sources report Israeli air surveillance in the skies over Beirut, and drones over Hezbollah’s capital city of Dahiya.
  • An Iranian naval commander is blatantly denying American-led sanctions, stating “Whether the sanctions are lifted or not, we are now producing heavy and small destroyers.”
  • While stalling negotiations on a revised nuclear deal, Iran has bought enough time to fully develop nuclear weapons. Leading into negotiations this week in Vienna, America has indicated military action is “on the table,” but no strong, firm commitment to it is evident. Instead, the Biden administration desperately wants to come away saying, “We made a deal with Iran.” Just like the Obama “deal,” though, this one will be very quickly violated by Iran.
  • Israeli leaders have been clear in the past several weeks that they are preparing for war, and indeed, military exercises and movement of equipment seems to verify that.

Israel knows that if they attack Iran, they will incur incoming missiles from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. Hezbollah has an estimated 100,000 soldiers ready to attack, along with another 100,000 Iranian proxies in Syria. These forces have been moved to very populated areas, using citizens as human shields and making it extremely difficult for Israel to target the bad guys. Furthermore, Iran now has a naval force in the Mediterranean, near Latakia Syria.

It is also believed Iranian forces may attack American interests in the Persian Gulf. After all, Iran views the US as the “great Satan,” Israel being the “little Satan.”

So, what can we expect if this situation escalates? It is hard to know. Israel has the capability to successfully attack Iranian nuclear facilities. Defending themselves against attacks from proxies hidden in civilian neighborhoods, though, will draw the ire of the international community, bringing worldwide accusation of war crimes. If the US fails to take any action, Israel will be left standing alone. A cornered animal fights ferociously for life, and that is the position Israel may find herself.

Shades of Ezekiel 38? Time will tell.

Here is Amir Tsarfati’s commentary on current events:

3 thoughts on “Shades of Ezekiel 38: Israel is Preparing for War

    1. Amen, Dave! Only those who study and know God’s Word understand that what we see is all part of prophecy. Who needs MSM when God’s Word is more relevant than today’s news! We see the news through the lens of Scripture! Bless you!

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