Help “Operation Joktan” Hit the NYT Best-Seller List

If you have ever heard Amir Tsarfati teach or have read any of his books, you know he is spot on Biblically. As an Israeli Messianic Jew with extensive experience in the IDF, Amir is able to speak of geopolitical issues in the Middle East with profound authority. He founded Behold Israel and now travels the world teaching God’s Word and has a robust social media presence from which the message goes forth. Behold Israel’s passion is to help others understand the significance of the days in which we live, in light of the soon return of Jesus.

Now Amir’s long-awaited first fiction novel is set to release November 16 and is very close to landing on the New York Times Bestseller List. Why is that important? It brings tremendous credibility and great attention to the secular world. Here is what the publishing company (Harvest House) says:

Operation Joktan recounts the multi-faceted missions of an Israeli intelligence operative who finds himself confronted with the Gospel message head on. Although fiction, the operations are realistic, action-packed, and shockingly accurate to Bible prophecy and real events. The Gospel, however, is not fiction and equips the reader with God’s truth using a fast-paced and exciting genre that appeals to readers well outside the normal Behold Israel borders.

Operation Joktan is only 1500 pre-sale copies short of qualifying for the NYT Bestseller List. I pre-ordered copies and can’t wait to get my eyes on the book, and stuff a few in stockings! If you have not pre-ordered, please consider it! Let’s push the gospel out to an unsaved world in a way that is unique and exciting.

BTW – pre-ordering from Amazon is helpful in another way as well. While I am definitely no fan of Amazon, they are (unfortunately) the driver in determining how wide-spread a book may be sold. The most efficient pathway to get it widely available in stores such as Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, etc is for Amazon sales to be very high. So, bite the bullet (as I did) and order from Amazon.

While you’re at it, why not order a few extra as Christmas gifts! At least they won’t be stuck on a ship out in a harbor somewhere!

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