Israel, UAE Team up to Rescue Afghans from Kabul

The Abraham Accords continue to reap huge benefits as Israel and their accord partners continue to develop cooperative efforts in virtually every way imaginable.

One of the most astounding cooperative efforts just occurred days ago when Israel joined efforts with the UAE to rescue 41 Afghans. Among them were human rights activists, members of a girl’s cycling team and robotic team members. Read about the joint effort here:

In a world filled with evil and chaos, it is refreshing to know that God’s call upon Israel to bless all the families of the earth (Genesis 12:3) is being fulfilled. Not only that, they are doing so in conjunction with Arab nations some never dreamed possible! Let’s pray the Abraham Accords continue to produce fruit, and that many other Arab nations will make peace with Israel.

True, we know the Bible teaches that not all of Israel’s enemies will realize peace with them. However, who would have thought several of them would do so a year ago when the Trump administration brokered the first peace treaties with Israel in 40 years.

Pray for peace, and pray for the eyes and hearts of Jews and Arabs to be open to the revelation of Jesus the Messiah.

2 thoughts on “Israel, UAE Team up to Rescue Afghans from Kabul

  1. Mrs Catherine D Panes

    Utterly miraculous – This is the LORD’s doing and marvellous in our sight.

    Should He tarry – next year in Jerusalem?

    Sameach Sukkot!

    Anthony & Diana Panes

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