Will America Make it Out of Crisis? (Part 2)

Welcome back, friends! Yesterday was the first part of our brief look at America’s crisis, where experts shared commentary on exactly what happened 20 years ago when the twin towers came down, the Pentagon was attacked, and a third kamikaze mission ended in a field in Pennsylvania. Terror had come to America’s shores for the first time, and it made a grand entrance.

But did you know America’s encounter with radical Islam began long before that? In an interesting look back at American history and the birth of the battle against terrorism, I highly recommend a portion of the video below. In it, Jack Hibbs provides a solemn look at how our nation first responded to the threat. You will probably be surprised at when and how!

It begins with words from Billy Graham at the 25:30 mark, and what follows for the next 12 minutes or so is an explanation of the history of America with radical Islam. Watch in part, or enjoy the entire video. (It transitions into an excellent teaching by Dr Ed Hindson regarding prophetic promises and it is excellent!) God bless you!

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