Mark Your Calendar! Jack Hibbs Joins Charlie Kirk at Freedom Night!

Two nations, Israel and the United States, were founded on the principles of God’s Word. Each was entrusted with God-given responsibilities that would impact the world. God’s call to the Jewish nation was to bless all the families of the earth. (Genesis 12:3) If they did nothing more, they gave us the Messiah. What greater blessing is there than that!

The US, on the other hand, became a launching pad, sending missionaries across the globe, sharing the gift of the Messiah with people in every corner of the world. America has also stood steadfastly with Israel, and was the “big brother” Israel needed to grow into its own.

The US and Israel are inextricably linked, yet America is sliding from the Biblical foundation upon which it was built. Why is that important? If we allow our foundation to crumble, America will crumble with it. The Bible indirectly warns us that will eventually happen, as we know no one stands with Israel in the end. However, until that day, Jesus taught us to “occupy!” We must be about our Father’s business in every area of life and society.

Pastor Jack Hibbs, a true freedom fighter and well-respected Bible teacher, joins Charlie Kirk, arguably the most energetic, out-spoken activist in America when it comes to upholding Christian values, for Freedom Night on September 7.

I have attended the monthly Freedom Square events in Phoenix and, if you are committed to upholding Christian values in our nation, this is the place to be for information, encouragement and marching orders! Inviting Pastor Jack to this month’s program will make it a blockbuster!

So here is the information! Mark your calendar…and I’ll see you there!

9 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendar! Jack Hibbs Joins Charlie Kirk at Freedom Night!

  1. Mary VandenBerg

    Lord, protect our men and women who courageously share Your Word and Truth. As these times coming more challenging, we, Your people, need their anointed messages.
    Lord, come quickly

  2. Mary Anne Rasmussen

    GOD continues to bless you good men of Faith as you take a stand for his truth. May his strength be yours and all of his promises blanket you in your continued faithful obedience. We love you!

  3. Graham Champion

    We are born again believers living in Wales Uk. My heart and prayers are with you in all your endeavours.

    Patient endurance and walking closely with our Lord is vital now more than ever. His word sustains us and it’s only by faith and insight can we rest in His peace.

    I pray that by His Spirit Gods peace will Strengthen you and your families.
    That by his grace insight and wisdom will guide you in these days to come and as fishers of men that the gospel reach as many eyes and ears as possible.
    I Thank you With all my heart for your tremendous courage and steadfast determination to preach the truth.

    Come Lord Jesus come.

    God bless you.

    1. Graham, thank you for stopping by Looking for the Blessed Hope. Your prayers for us in America are very much appreciated. If interested in viewing tonight’s meeting, check back here ( in a day or two, as I will post it once it is released. Blessings!

  4. Amanda Rosa

    Will keep praying for you…God lives are a very very good preacher I can’t wait to hear more from you

      1. Hi Dale – thanks for stopping by Looking for the Blessed Hope. Yes, these events are typically recorded. Once it is released, I will post it here ( Keep an eye out for it! Blessings…and enjoy your Bible study!

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