The God of Miracles Hears Our Prayers!

Friends, though there are still many in harms way in Afghanistan, for whom we should continue to pray, we can rejoice tonight that the God of miracles hears our prayers!

A week ago, Pastor Jack Hibbs announced a dire situation in which a particular missionary family (and others) were trapped behind Taliban checkpoints in Afghanistan. The situation seemed grime, and we were encouraged to pray. Throughout the week on this blog, we focused on praying for those in Afghanistan who are in danger. Franklin Graham called for a day of prayer today.

Not everyone is out of Afghanistan safely, but the missionary family and the group associated with them are now on their way home! Take a look at Pastor Jack Hibbs’ Praise Report from Afghanistan:

Our prayers are heard, and God is able to do much more than we even ask or imagine! Those in dangers way in Afghanistan have little hope of safety outside of God’s intervention on their behalf. Let’s rejoice in this victory…and let’s continue to pray for those still in need of God’s salvation and miracles!

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