Franklin Graham Calls for Day of Prayer for Afghanistan and Christians Who are Unable to Get Out

“There is no hope for these people to get out safely—apart from a miracle from the hand of God—and that’s what we need to pray for.”

~Franklin Graham, BGEA Website, accessed 8/20/2021

Ok prayer warriors, are you ready to use your VIP Prayer Pass? (See this morning’s post if you don’t know what that is!) Franklin Graham has issued a call to prayer for the people of Afghanistan, particularly Christians who are trapped there. He has asked us to unite in prayer tomorrow (Sunday, August 22, 2021) and it is great time to put your VIP Prayer Pass to work!

Here are some prayer points:

  • Jesus is showing up in visions to people across the Middle East. Ask Him to come in glory and power, and that eyes and hearts will be open to receive Him.
  • Ask Him to show up to Muslims in the Middle East and to Jews in Israel. May He show up in mosques in Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and throughout the Middle East, as well as in yeshivas and synagogues in Israel!
  • Plead God’s mercy upon missionaries who are either being hunted down or are in hiding. May the Lord Himself lead them to safety.
  • Pray for the citizens of Afghanistan who are now living in total fear and hopelessness. May they come to find the God of all hope!
  • Ask the Lord to make clear any and all deception and evil intent revolving around the situation in Afghanistan. Be diligent not to buy into everything you hear on the news and on social media. Pray that Christians everywhere will be discerning and wise in all we do and say.
  • Pray for extraordinary wisdom for America’s leaders, and those around the world.

Find time tomorrow to join prayer warriors across the nation in praying for Afghanistan. Meet you at the foot of the throne!

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