Was Biden’s Pathetic Handling of Afghanistan a Huge Blunder or an Intentional Evil Scheme?

Ok, a bit of personal confession…as the chaotic Taliban takeover of Afghanistan occurred right under the nose of the most inept administration in American history, fleeting thoughts crossed my mind: Surely no one can be THAT out-of-touch with the evil intent of a terrorist organization that has dogged America for a quarter century. Well…it is Joe Biden, after all. It is uncertain if he even knows what day it is, which leads to the second head scratcher. Why would a president disappear for an entire weekend (ie – turn a blind eye) during the meltdown of Afghanistan and the Taliban march toward the capital city of Kabul, where the US Embassy stood?

It made me wonder…could this be more than just a terrible blunder by a weak president and his administration? Could it be purposeful?

Perish the thought! That’s crazy!

But, my mind kept drifting back to key questions:

  • Afghanistan is now a mess. Where will Afghanis go?
  • Could Biden attempt to save face by launching a refugee policy that brings them to America?

Wouldn’t that be convenient! As “thanks” to a “benevolent president,” tens or hundreds of thousands of new votes could line Democrat coffers in the next election! Will there be any sort of vetting process to weed out criminals, traitors and those whose intent may not be so innocent? Add that to the millions of illegal immigrants currently pouring over our southern border, and we have the recipe for millions to vote by mail-in ballot in states where voter ID is either not required or very weak.

Seems I’m not the only “crazy person” thinking the worst of Joe Biden’s intentions. Check out Charlie Kirk’s podcast from Monday:

Lo and behold, by Monday evening news reports were beginning to hint of refugees coming to America. By Tuesday evening our local news was reporting on preparations for Afghani refugees right here in Arizona!

So, was it a blunder or were there cynical elements of the Biden response to the Taliban takeover? It is too early to say for certain, but nothing is surprising these days! (BTW – has anyone seen Kamala? Me neither….)

Regardless, be reminded that nothing happening in our world is a surprise to our Savior and Redeemer! Bible prophecy is simply falling into place in preparation for the rapture, then the tribulation. Ultimately, the US must exit center stage in order for prophecy to be fulfilled. Stay strong, and stay in His Word! We remain fearless in a fearful world because we know how it all ends!

2 thoughts on “Was Biden’s Pathetic Handling of Afghanistan a Huge Blunder or an Intentional Evil Scheme?

  1. I think you might be onto something, Kym. Surprisingly, I never thought about this being an intentional move. But now that you mention it it does seem possible. By the way, I know it’s been a long time since we’ve chatted and I’m hoping to email you soon. Hope you have an awesome day!

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