We Can All Take a Knee to That!

I was unsure when I first saw this picture and heard the story. However, a little bit of research proved true! Fiji won the rugby 7’s gold medal at the Olympic games in Tokyo…and immediately broke into song before taking a collective knee. Not to protest or further a “cause,” but to worship God in a song of praise! I’ll take a knee for that, how about you!

Fiji Rugby Team Sings Praises before Taking a Knee in Worship!

The Fiji ruggers overcame significant challenges just to be in Tokyo. The tiny South Pacific island nation off the coasts of Australia and New Zealand is currently mired in a horrid COVID outbreak and some members of the team had to travel via cargo plane due to strict restrictions on commercial flights.

Apparently singing is nothing new to the Fiji players, as they followed up their impromptu song of joy by belting out their boisterous national anthem during the medal ceremony and singing E Da Sa Qaqa, a hymn meaning “We have overcome.”

Rugby is huge in Fiji, so the gold medal performance gave the hard hit island something to celebrate!

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