Mike Pompeo: Excellence in Leadership

Wow! I just heard Mike Pompeo speak at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and find him to be one of the most principled leaders in American history. He is not simply strong in his faith, but it is his faith that dictates how he lives and how he leads. Beyond that, God has anointed him with incredible wisdom, tact and the ability to handle the most challenging situations with firmness but grace.

Pompeo has not officially announced his candidacy for president, but there is no other person I would like to see in the White House than Mike Pompeo. He has what it takes to lead, and his faith serves as foundation for all he does.

See for yourself. A video introduction provides highlights of his illustrious career as America’s top spy (CIA Director) and top diplomat (Secretary of State). His remarks, followed by a discussion with Pastor Jack Hibbs, begin at the 24:00 mark.

Pray for Mike Pompeo and other principled leaders who are either serving in American government or are considering running for office. As Pompeo attests, America is exceptional, but we must work to keep it that way. How we vote matters. Pray for strong, principled candidates as we approach the 2022 and 2024 elections!

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