A Middle East Meltdown

Silently, and sometimes not so silently, the Middle East is melting down with little notice. While what we see in each country is not necessarily spelled out specifically in Scripture, when taken in total, the chaos and lawlessness definitely foreshadows end times as prophesied in God’s Word.

Here are a few recent happenings:

US Bases in Syria and Iraq Attacked
Drones flying under the radar present a clear and present danger to US troops, property and equipment. Those UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) carry warheads, and US bases are targeted. Less than a week ago (Monday), a drone was shot down near the US Embassy in Iraq. A day later, more rockets were launched toward the airport in Erbil, where the US has a military base. That was followed by a 14-rocket barrage that injured two at the Ein al-Assad air base. On Thursday, two more rockets were fired at the US Embassy

Meanwhile, in Syria, Americans man a base at al-Omar, located in the rich oilfields of Syria. That base was also targeted.

Anxious to see the American response to the attacks in Iraq and Syria, the mullahs in Iran must have been ecstatic when the Americans bugged out of Bagram Airfield (a major US military installation) in Afghanistan in the middle of the night, leaving behind millions of items such as food and water, along with hundreds of armored vehicles, thousands of civilian vehicles, piles of weaponry…and thousands of Taliban prisoners.

Given that, it is not difficult to imagine America fading from power, as must be the case in order for prophecy to be fulfilled.

United Arab Emirates
After signing on to the Abraham Accords, the UAE has taken considerable flack from other, less-moderate Arab nations. Iran has set its sight on making life difficult for the UAE as well. Just days ago, a major explosion happened aboard a vessel in one of Dubai’s busiest ports. The explosion was massive, though fairly quickly contained by the Emiratis. What caused the explosion? The official report is that the sweltering heat in the area caused combustion. However, it was the only ship in which that happened, and the weather, though scorching, was not significantly different that the days before and after. Some are speculating it was Iranian cargo, and perhaps detonated purposefully in an attempt to compel the UAE to rethink their position with Israel.

True to Bible prophecy, Iran will be an aggressor during the Ezekiel 38 battle, while other nations (perhaps such as UAE) will be on good terms with Israel, or will at least remain neutral in the conflict. The stage is set!

If you think it is hot in the desert southwest of the US, try spending a few days in Iran in the depths of the summer heat! Temperatures reaching 122 are causing power demands that outstretch the resources. Many Iranians are without power and some are without water for periods of time. Meanwhile, there is infighting among the new governmental leaders, and citizens are taking to the streets with shouts of “Death to the Dictator,” the Ayatollah Khamenei.

Previously a power-rich nation, Iran is now struggling internally, and the consequences to neighboring allies (such as Iraq) are becoming dire. Power and water are in short supply in and around Baghdad and people are suffering.

Meanwhile, a series of “accidents” at Iranian nuclear facilities has dampened progress on development of nuclear weapons. Cloaked in excuses, Iran typically offers an excuse why their equipment seems to malfunction, yet the repeated incidents have Israel’s fingerprints all over them.

Iran is specifically named (Persia) in the Ezekiel 38 passage as one of the key leaders of the coalition that come upon the Golan Heights

Hamas in Gaza
Hamas continues to hold power in the Gaza Strip, and they continue to show disregard for their own people, as well as for Jews in Israel. Following years of incendiary balloons set aloft from Gaza, headed to the Israel fields near the border, the IDF warns that sending balloons their way will result in a show of force. Indeed, as recently as Thursday night, Israeli fighter jets took to the skies to take out Hamas military targets in retaliation for continued antagonistic violence.

Meanwhile, summer camp is underway in Gaza, and young Palestinian boys are taken to “Pioneers of Liberation,” where they are taught to hold, carry and use weapons. Furthermore, they are taught to hate the Jews. No reason necessary! Hatred begets hatred, and the generations rage against all that is good and righteous.

In the end, lawlessness abounds, and that is what we see in Gaza, starting at a very young age.

We could go on regarding the collapse of Lebanon and the migrant crisis as Muslims are fleeing parts of North Africa.

But there is good news in all of this! Neither the Middle East nor the world are falling apart…they are simply falling into place! The Bible tells us chaos will reign during the tribulation, and we are seeing the spread of chaos to a degree we have never seen before. Jesus is coming, dear friend! Are you ready?

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