As Lebanon Nears Total Collapse, Israel Continues to Offer Assistance

Lebanon, once the “Paris of the Middle East,” is on the verge of total collapse. Hezbollah has overrun the Lebanese government, and citizens find themselves without water and electricity, and the Lebanese lira has dropped in value to 18,000 to 1 US dollar.

But, despite nearing collapse, Israel continues to offer help to their neighbor to the north. The concern is that if Lebanon falls, it will end up under the control of Iran.

Read more info at Israel Begs Lebanon to Accepts Its Help.

Meanwhile, pray for the people of Lebanon. Keep in mind, the majority of people in the Middle East (including Lebanon) are common folks, just like you and me. They simply want to live in freedom and care for their families. Pray God’s mercy and grace will reach deep into the hearts and minds of the Lebanese people. Also, remember that nations from every corner of the Middle East were present at the first Pentecost. (See In Search of the One True God) In the end, when nations flock to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles, I have no doubt Lebanese will be present! Pray for their salvation.

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