What Makes America Great?

Let’s not let Independence Day fade in our rear-view mirror without asking an important question: What makes America great? In short, the answer is simple: God shed His grace in abundant measure and in a unique way on our nation. Just as Israel was chosen by God for a specific purpose…to bless all the families of the earth (Genesis 12:3)…, God also reserved a special calling for America.

Never before and never since has a nation been founded so explicitly on Biblical principles as our nation. America has sent missionaries and has done humanitarian work in virtually every other country on earth. Why? Not because America is so great, in and of itself, but because God chose to work through a nation forged in the heat of battle over values not so valued in Europe. God had a purpose and a plan for America, and our founding fathers worked our founding documents into a pillar of strength, freedom and American pride.

Modern “historians” try to tell us our founding fathers were something other than men heartily committed to Bible principles, but a close look at original writings will tell us the real story. For example, evidence is overwhelming that George Washington was a firmly committed follower of Jesus Christ.

So, before we let 4th of July slip away, take a few minutes to hear just a tiny bit of American history you may not have heard before! This is why America remains a great nation, and why people from countries around the world try to “break into” our country! Enjoy!

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