IDF Partners with US Marine Corp and England’s Royal Air Force for ‘Tri-Lightning’

Israel, Great Britain and the United States joined forces in Southern Israel last week to strengthen international military cooperation. The exercises, featuring fleets of F-35’s from each country, worked to strengthen capabilities to deal with threats of all kinds, including fighter jet combat, surface-to-air threats, and combat inside enemy territory. Israeli F-35’s even paid a visit to the HMS Queen Elizabeth, a British aircraft carrier.

Israel remains the dominant force in the region and has allies by her side. Likewise, the new Israeli administration seems not to be backing down from military threats, but on board with continuing joint military exercises with allies.

For more info on the joint military exercise, see Tri-Lightening F-35 Drill Comes to an End

Continue to pray for God’s favor to grace Israel and her allies. May God keep them safe, and may God’s great wisdom guide and direct military leaders as they work to keep Israel safe.

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