All Eyes on God!

Hi friends! I want to kick off this week with another installment of America, Israel and the Church. As noted often, the three are inextricably linked, and rarely a week goes by that we don’t see clear examples of that.

One such example is a recent teaching by Pastor Jack Hibbs. He is the Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and his media ministry is called Real Life. These are shorter teachings than his sermons, though some, including this one, include clips from his messages on Sunday mornings. I am most impressed with his ability to speak straight from Scripture regarding current events in our world, and he is incredibly gifted in preparing his congregation for the times and seasons in which we live.

He does that here, as he exhorts all eyes to be on God as we encounter tense and uncertain times in America, Israel and the church! This is a teaching I hope every follower hears, and we will follow up with another great teaching tomorrow. You will be blessed!

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