Caroline Glick Stating What US and Israeli Conservatives are Thinking: Israel will Soon Join the US in a Death Spiral

If there is one Israeli journalist unafraid to say what she really thinks, it is Caroline Glick. A stalwart political pundit, Glick has keen insight into the crazy world of Israeli politics and elections. For months she warned against a unity government that would include left-wingers (almost as socialist as the current US administration), “centrist” who are actually left-wing as well, and self-proclaimed right-wingers who are moderate, at best, left-leaning in likely reality. Time will tell.

Unity government, in this case, means this: Acquiescing to the liberal left who actually controls the new coalition. The parties are not natural allies…they came together for one reason and one reason only: to knock Benjamin Netanyahu out of power. Because those on the right who detest Netanyahu, primarily for personal reasons, would rather jump in bed with liberals than play second fiddle to Israel’s most powerful Prime Minister in history.

In reality, they will sacrifice national security to get rid of Netanyahu. Sound familiar? If you ever doubted that radical globalists have entered full court press to rule the world, you’re now seeing very clear evidence.

Caroline Glick doesn’t mince words, and here is how she describes it:

Hold on tight, believers! We’re in for a ride, but our Savior never takes us where His grace does not sustain us! Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, our champion! (Hebrews 12:2, NLT) He who watches over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps! (Psalm 121:4) God’s got this….and His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, will descend from heaven to redeem us soon!

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