Return to the Holy Land with Franklin Graham: Bonus – Reflections from the Holy Land

Happy Lord’s Day, dear friends! Today we finish our virtual tour with the Graham family through the Holy Land. What will you take away? What most impacted you as you heard the Word of God proclaimed from the place it was taught and written?

The Graham’s share some thoughts, including Franklin’s testimony of salvation right there on the Mount of Olives! Take a look.

I have prayed this week that something you saw and heard touched your life in a profound way. If so, I invite you to share it in the comments below. I would love to hear it, and it would bless others as well.

There are some who will never have the opportunity to go to Israel. For you, I pray extra special blessings as you meditate on, and perhaps go back and watch some of these inspiring discussions in the land of Israel.

For others, I pray you will join us. This video series was 8 days of about 3-5 minutes each. Imagine spending almost twice that many days actually in the land of Israel 24/7. Words cannot describe the value of a trip to Israel. I’ve heard many pastors say an Israel tour is worth a year of seminary. Indeed, it is rich in knowledge, understanding and, most of all, experience. You can study your Bible for a lifetime (and you should!), but it will never be more alive than when you open it, read it and study it in the land of Israel…where it all took place.

If you have interest, in joining us in Israel in October, please consider it. There is lots of information on the website, but if you have additional questions, address them to and we will gladly respond to you personally. See you in Israel!

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