Why I Could Support Mike Pompeo for President

It is probably no secret to anyone who follows that I hold former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in high regard. Not only is he a very devout Christian whose life reflects his faith, but he is also a calm leader, able to accomplish huge things without becoming puffed up. His leadership style is a reflection of his deep commitment to Godly principles.

Pompeo also has a great love for Israel, which seems to drive his faith. Through evidence of various interviews, it is clear he understands the importance of Israel spiritually and geopolitically. He understands how important Israel is to the salvation of Christians, and he understands what it means to bless Israel. His years of civil service have proven that, and I hope he becomes the Republican nominee in 2024.

Here is his latest interview with Joel Rosenberg. It is a brief 6-minute discussion that gives us a sense of Pompeo’s love of Israel. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Why I Could Support Mike Pompeo for President

  1. shirley mitchell

    thank you, kym. i think mike pompeo was #1 in his west point class. we have a grandson, 26 today, west point grad., ranger school qualified, currently in helicopter training at fort rucker, al.chinooks.  then, to colorado. i’ve probably written this before…his father is US army, very senior military judge. germany. kuwait.fine believer.  memorized large pieces of scripture with his 2 children.charlie, leads a bible study at ft. rucker, and also attends one.at west point, he put God first.strong group of believers at west point, and, in US army.

    1. That’s awesome, Shirley! What a Godly heritage…and what a joy to hear about strong believers doing the Lord’s work inside the US military! Yes, Pompeo was first in his class at West Point…and first in class as a US statesman! God has a plan for that man!

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