Take a Stand for Religious Freedom in Arizona

One of the characteristics of the last days is apostasy, a falling away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m convinced we are witnessing a sifting of believers. This is a time believers in Jesus must take a stand because, as things get more difficult in our world, it will become harder and harder to stand firm on the truth of God’s Word. If we can’t do it now, we won’t do it later!

Along with difficult days, it seems logical the church will shrink, but will grow more powerful. As true blood-bought, spirit-filled believers rise up, and “CINO’s” (Christian in name only) fail to stand, church attendance may surely dwindle, but those left will be strong warriors! Which are you?

So, as we approach the days ahead, looking for the Blessed Hope (the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ), there are tangible ways to stand for Godly promises, Godly principles, and God-given freedoms. In Arizona, House Bill 2648 has passed the House and is awaiting hearing on the Senate floor. The Center for Arizona Policy and other conservative groups are lobbying at the statehouse, but it is time for Christians en masse to make our voices heard!

According to CAP:

The Religion is Essential Act (HB 2648) is a powerful statement; not only of the freedom of religious expression clause of the First Amendment. It is a powerful affirmation in law of the fact that religion is essential both to those who believe, and to a society blessed by the selfless charity of religious believers.

~Mass email distributed April 8, 2021

This is an Arizona bill, so if you live in Arizona, please join me in contacting our Senators to encourage them to vote YES on HB 2648.

Sample verbiage:

Dear Senator ________,
The Religion is Essential Act (HB 2648) is an important affirmation of freedom of religious expression guaranteed by the First Amendment. Religion is essential, not only to the faith community, but to society as a whole, who are blessed by the selfless charity of religious believers. I believe strongly in our First Amendment and ask you to vote YES on HB 2648. Religion is indeed essential, and as my elected Senator, I ask you to stand with me and those in your district who believe in our rights as Americans and Arizonans.
Thank you,

3 thoughts on “Take a Stand for Religious Freedom in Arizona

  1. Linda Rees

    Hi Kym,
    Thanks for the kick in the pants about HB 2648. Without your encouragement, I would never even have thought about sending a letter to my Senator. Just to let you know I just sent it to Senator Navarrete.
    Linda Rees 🌷

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