How are Passover and Passion Week Different?

The Jewish feast of Passover and the Christian commemoration of Passion Week are always close in proximity, but typically not simultaneous. This year is an exception, as Passover and Passion Week overlap.

As Christians, Passion Week points us to Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, featuring Jesus, the perfect sacrificial lamb who took away our sins when He died on the cross. His resurrection is the promise that we, too, will rise again to spend eternity with Him.

Jews view Passover as the commemoration of God’s deliverance of them from Egyptian slavery. It encompasses the Feasts of Unleavened Bread and First Fruits, both fulfilled by Jesus.

However, how is it decided when the two holy weeks commence, and why? Furthermore, how did the split occur between Jews and Christians, and what has happened since? One for Israel posted a great article that answers those questions. Enjoy!

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