7 Days in the Holy Land: Day 3 – Sea of Galilee

Happy Lord’s Day, dear friends! We are tagging along with Franklin Graham and his daughter, Cissie, as they tour Israel. Today, they are at the Sea of Galilee. (I you missed the first two days, your will find them here: Day 1, Day 2.)

Storms rise very quickly on the Sea of Galilee, just as they do at times in our lives! In one such storm, Jesus was asleep in the back of a boat while wind and waves whipped that tiny vessel around like a child’s toy. When the disciples woke Jesus, they wondered, “Do You not care about us!?!” Of course Jesus cared…and He cares for you in the midst of your storms!

In response, Jesus calmed the storm. Sometimes in our lives, Jesus calms our storms immediately. Sometimes He just accompanies us through them. He never leaves our boat! He loves you and cares for you, and will never leave you forsaken!

Enjoy the Graham’s discussion about Jesus’s ministry on the Sea of Galilee.

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