BREAKING: Netanyahu’s Big Adventure

In less than two weeks, Israeli’s go to the polls for a fourth time in two years. It is a huge election. So, why did current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just clear his schedule, including four campaign stops, tomorrow? Speculation is that he will fly to either Saudi Arabia or one of the other Arab nations who are part of the Abraham Accords to sign some sort of treaty or defense agreement involving the Saudi Kingdom.

The Iranian regime’s race to nuclear weapons is threatening those Accord partners and Saudi Arabia, and they all know they have no help from America. For that reason, rumors of a defense agreement between Israel and the Accord partners have swirled since the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Saudi Arabia has great interest in Netanyahu winning the election, so a trip of this nature could be worth much more that four important campaign stops. However, Netanyahu’s political rivals seem to be ganging up against him, making it very difficult, even if his party wins a majority, to cobble together a coalition under a new Netanyahu government.

These are interesting times worldwide. Keep your eyes on Israel, and we’ll see what plays out tomorrow, and in less than two weeks when Israelis go to the polls.

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