Will the Saudis Join the Abraham Accords in an Official Peace Deal with Israel?

Lots of things are happening in the Middle East now, as Iran is enabling their proxies to launch attacks on American bases and other targets, and as they themselves are becoming more involved directly in attacks. Their nuclear program is at the threshold of military capability, and Iran has some nervous neighbors!

One such neighbor is Saudi Arabia, often thought to be (or to have been) very close to joining the Abraham Accords. Of course, now that a new American administration has all but thrown them under the bus, the Saudis have even more incentive to join forces with Israel and her allies against the threat of Iran.

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continues to be active in a non-official diplomatic role, as he lends his voice and experience to the narrative of those who will hear it. While one side considers him the worst Secretary of State in US history, many more of us appreciate the vast and important work Pompeo and his State Department did during the Trump administration. The Middle East is more stable and better prepared for cooperation than ever before.

Still, the question of Saudi Arabia lingers. Here is a recent report from Pompeo’s appearance at the recent Combat Anti-Semitism Movement’s virtual gathering. Hopefully, he continues to be at the forefront of American diplomacy, even if in a non-official capacity.

Former Secretary of State Pompeo Claims “Many” in the Saudi Kingdom Desire a Relationship with Israel

BTW – Pompeo spoke of his work in the Middle East during CAM’s ceremony to honor him as their first recipient of the Global Leadership Award. Here is the video of that ceremony:

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