Are Netanyahu’s Days as Prime Minister Running Out?

With COVID, the American election and inauguration, and the impeachment trial hogging early-2021 headlines, an important election in Israel seems to be approaching without much notice. But make no mistake: Israelis have not lost notice in the election, where the political scene is as heated as it is in America.

Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has served more years than an other PM in Israel’s history. The 71-year-old served as Israel’s premier from 1996-1999, before taking over the top spot again in 2009 and holding it ever since. One of the most astute politicians of all time, Netanyahu has shown uncanny ability to win elections when defeat seemed certain. In a strange way, that seems to be a microcosm of Israel itself!

However, many believe he may be reaching the end of the road, as most other party leaders now refuse to serve in a government with him. A hard-driving, hawkish bulldog, Netanyahu knows how to command…and how to alienate. Like Donald Trump, Netanyahu has enemies longing to see him taken down, and they are determined to do so. Israel’s election is less than a month away (March 23) and, though Netanyahu’s Likud party leads the multi-party election scoreboard, it appears unlikely he will be able to form a majority coalition. Should all Netanyahu’s enemies bind together, they could very well unseat him as Prime Minister.

Surely the sparks are going to fly between now and election day! To read more about where the parties stand, check out Netanyahu’s Path to Forming a New Government Narrowing as Key Right Wing Party Leader Says it’s Time to ‘Fire’ Bibi.

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