What is the Value of Life?

We are in the midst of a large study called America, Israel and the Church, and our current focus is on the church. Concurrently, current events are tossed in at times. Today’s current event refocuses on America.

Sadly, here in the US, we just crossed the ominous line of 500,000 lives lost to COVID. It is tragic, and every life matters to our Creator.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you.”

~Jeremiah 1:5

Indeed, the Lord God formed every one of us and sanctified us (set us apart) for His purpose. At times, though, it seems the purposeful days of our loved ones are cut short. As believers, we understand God knows the number of our days and nothing (not even COVID) will change that (Psalm 139:16), yet every lost life brings grief and sadness, and should never be taken for granted or flippantly dismissed. Those are real losses.

But I was especially burdened this past weekend over a greater loss of life: that of 600,000-850,000 unborn babies every year in America, depending upon whose statistics you believe. While the media is in an uproar over the deaths COVID has brought (and it is sad), when is the last time you heard anyone in main stream media lament the loss of pre-born babies?

Allow me to digress for a moment…

Perhaps I am off-base, but I wonder if God is trying to get us to understand the gravity of counting lost lives in the hundreds of thousands, or in fractions of a million. When I hear, “We have lost half a million lives,” I begin to think in perspective. For example, can you grasp the thought of 6 million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust? Approximately 1.5 million of them were children, which is 3X the number of people we have lost to COVID in America…and America is 35X the size of Israel!

Are you beginning to sense the overwhelming magnitude?

Now, let’s scale those numbers to the abortion issue. Since the Roe v Wade decision in January 1973 (48 years ago), which legalized abortion, at least 62 million babies have been murdered in the US alone. Do the math, my friends. Though current abortion numbers are down comparative to earlier years, the AVERAGE is over 1.25 MILLION per year. That is well over twice as many dead babies as COVID victims in the same time frame. Where is the outrage?!?

Let me say again…those who die of COVID likely died in a brutal manner, and they likely died alone. Most, if not all, of us know someone who died of COVID, and it is awful. But where is the outrage over the loss of innocent lives at the hands of blood-thirsty, profit-chasing abortionists? What is wrong with a nation that allows it to be so?

To go one step further, just last week the US Senate failed to pass the  Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which would require physicians to provide care to newborns who survive an abortion attempt. It is no longer enough to murder pre-born babies, but a physician is not obligated to care for a baby who survives an abortion attempt! The legislation received only 52 of the necessary 60 votes to pass. All 50 Republican Senators voted for the legislation, but unbelievably only 2 Democrats (Manchin – WV and Casey – PA) voted in favor. (Read more here.) Unconscionable!

So, what is the value of life? Based on God’s Word, every life is invaluable. Every life is of infinite worth. Every life was worth the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, in order that we might live with Him forever.

Jesus died for the life of every person who died of COVID. In fact, those who chose to enter into a personal relationship with Jesus are now at home with Him! Graciously and thankfully, our loving God takes special provision for every unborn baby aborted in the womb. They never had the opportunity to choose Jesus, but He chose them! They are at home with Him.

Friends, there is righteous outrage. We should be angry when evil abounds, and the anger should be directed toward the wrong being done, not toward those who commit the wrong. Remember, our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against evil and wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12) Thus, consider your prayers as spiritual weapons and aim them at the right target!

Regarding the life of the unborn, I believe God calls us to action in at least three ways:

  1. Praise God for His loving care of the unborn!
  2. Pray that physicians and those in abortion clinics would somehow come to a realization of the gravity of evil which they perpetuate. May God reveal evil to them, have mercy on them, and bring them to salvation.
  3. Pray for the leaders in our nation, states, counties and cities. May they govern in righteousness…or may we vote them out of office! Our first obligation is to pray, but we also have a civic responsibility to choose leaders who will govern righteously. Let’s seek God’s will in fulfilling both of those responsibilities.

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