Biden Administration Playing Cat and Mouse with Iran

For those of us watching the pieces fall into place regarding the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, we are seeing a disconcerting game of cat and mouse going on between the Biden Administration and Iran.

Not long ago, the Supreme Leader of Iran tweeted (on his official Twitter account): “The post-US era has started.” Undoubtedly indicating Iran’s brashness at feeling emboldened by a weak US president. Soon after came the Iranian Minister of Intelligence’s statement about Iran considering nuclear weapons forbidden, unless the “cat gets pushed into a corner.” In other words, they will have nuclear weapons if and when they feel pressured., and they believe the US won’t do anything about it. Israeli intelligence believes Iran will have a nuclear bomb within 2 years. Some predict sooner.

Later in the week, Biden announced the US will return to the UN Human Rights Council, the most anti-Israel body in the UN. That opens doors for the US to actually fund terrorists groups backed by Iran by calling it aid to those deemed appropriate by the Human Rights Council. If you recall, US Ambassador Nikki Haley took us off that horrible Council and ceased almost all US funding for it.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif, Iran’s chief negotiator in the Iranian nuclear deal, announced on video that, with a new US administration, a new opportunity exists to “try a new approach.” He threatened, however, that the “window is fleeting,” and Iran will soon be compelled to take further action if the US hasn’t learned from “Trump’s colossal failure.” In other words, “Approve of what we want to do by coming back to the deal immediately, or we’ll do what we want to do anyway!” Will Biden and his national security team bite?

In a bit of a twist, after US military intelligence warned of Iranian attacks on US forces in northeastern Syria, a US drone attacked a vehicle on the Syrian border, and believed to have killed a senior member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp. We’ll see what comes of that!

Finally, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweeted that the terrorist designation of Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen will be revoked on February 16. Literally minutes later, a Houthi tweet indicated Houthi responsibility for a previous drone attack on a Saudi international airport in Abha. Then, attacked Saudi Arabia again earlier today. Surely no terrorism there!

By the way, neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia have heard from Biden since he took office.

Those antics seem like a bad dream, but unfortunately they are true. American allies are dying, and the Iranians are looking for ways to harm America and Israel. Iranian production of nuclear material is happening at an accelerated pace, and currently there seems to be nothing short of an Israeli attack on their nuclear power structure on the table. Pray that the eyes of American leadership will be open to the dangers Iran poses, and pray for wisdom of Israeli leaders. Indeed, we seem to be running faster and faster toward the Ezekiel 38-39 showdown the Lord will ultimately conquer on Israel’s behalf, but that will destroy many and move Israel to the brink.

Meanwhile, as believers, we are studying how to live in these challenging times. If you are not currently following our daily Bible study in 1&2 Thessalonians, please drop by every day right here on this blog. Look forward to seeing you!

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