A Lesson from Nancy Pelosi’s District: Is This Where America is Headed?

Hi gang! This morning we launched a new series within our America, Israel and the Church study. We asked the question, What does the future hold for the body of Christ? We went on to describe what we are experiencing here in America, a nation founded upon Biblical principles, but which is sliding very rapidly into disgrace because we have walked away from those principles.

We must understand that the problem in America is a spiritual one, not a political one. However, our political leaders are guiding us deeper and deeper into ungodliness. Socialist ideology has taken hold and is being promoted, and it leads to destruction. The video below is a prime example. Nancy Pelosi (US Speaker of the House) is perhaps the most powerful woman in America, yet she rides the socialism train and this is what the district she represents looks like. Take a look:

Is this where America is headed? Politically speaking, the Bible gives us no hope that America will reverse course. Biblically speaking, there is no better time for the body of Christ…true followers of Jesus Christ…to rise up and fully commit to our faith. That means action, not just words.

Throughout history, the church has always been strengthened during trials, and the greater the trial, the more the church thrives. The body of Christ is going to grow strong, but it is also going to shrink. The Bible says that apostasy (falling away from faith) will run rampant in the last days and many will wander away. Friends, now is the time to determine where you stand.

This morning we shifted the focus of our study to the church, and to God’s instruction and encouragement to us in the time in which we live. Please invite your friends and join with us as we grow strong in the Lord. Follow us on this blog and feel free to use the “Comments” section below to share your thoughts and questions. If there is enough interest in discussion and interaction, I’ll launch a closed Facebook group for those who follow. If interested, please let me know by commenting below, or contacting me on Facebook (Looking for the Blessed Hope).

Blessings, friends! Stand strong.

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