Israeli and Arab Leaders Continue to Advance Economic Cooperation

When Israel signed the Abraham Accords with the UAE and Bahrain, some wondered whether or not it would have much impact. Well, that question has been answered resoundingly “yes” as economic cooperation has absolutely exploded since the signing ceremony.

Not only are Israelis traveling to Arab lands, but Arabs are traveling to Israel for vacation and business as well!

Now Israeli mayors are taking the next big step! Earlier this week, 15 Jewish and Arab mayors of Israeli cities traveled to Dubai for three days of high level meetings. Here is what one Israeli leader had to say:

“Both Israel and the UAE have much to offer in areas of technology, agriculture, tourism, and culture. There is so much that our local officials can do together to partner in these fields and more. I want to thank Dubai Tourism, the UAE Ministry of International Cooperation, the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, and my colleagues here in the Israeli Ministry of Regional Cooperation for all their hard work in putting this trip together. I am confident that the results of our efforts will be amazing.”

~All Israel News, accessed 11/6/2020

Indeed, these are amazing developments in the Middle East! Read more about it here. Also, read about Joel Rosenberg’s sit-down interview with MBZ, the crown prince of the UAE.

Some are shocked by the level of cooperation, but those who know and understand Bible prophecy see it as confirmation of what God has told us will occur in the last days! A careful read of Ezekiel 38-39 reveals a list of nations, led by Russia, Iran and Turkey, who will aggressively attack Israel in an attempt to take spoil and plunder. Yet, if you continue reading through chapter 38, you find another list of people groups, including Sheba and Dedan, who will not join in the attack of Israel.

Guess where the ancient lands of Sheba and Dedan are! The Arabian peninsula…primarily Saudi Arabia (with no peace agreement yet, but very cooperative with Israel), the UAE and Bahrain (among others)! The nations joining Israel in the peace accords are the very nations Ezekiel 38 describes as doing so!

We live in an absolutely incredible time in history. Yes, it is getting very ugly in many ways, but Bible prophecy is coming to life right before our eyes as well! Friends, our days on earth are numbered, either by our lifespan or by the rapture! I believe Jesus could come for us at any time! What about you?

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