In the Midst of Despair, Where is Your Trust?

Welcome back, friends! Yesterday, we asked the question, “In the midst of lawlessness, where is your hope?” Today, let’s stick with the theme.

“In the midst of despair, where is your trust?”

Are you a fighter for what is fair and righteous? Though none of us are perfect, do you yearn for the truth of God’s Word to be preeminent? Do you long to see Biblical principles applied?

Me too!

Boy, I want America to stand strong, don’t you! I am all for President Trump’s fight for what is fair and righteous. I want him to prevail, not because I favor his personality or the way he goes about things. I want him to prevail because I value his all out fight for the lives of the unborn, religious freedom, law and order and support for Israel. Those are all Biblical principles I believe in, and wish to be preeminent in our country.

Some say the chance of victory in legal challenges is slim. Others say there is a definite path to victory. The Trump legal team revealed very significant evidence in a news conference yesterday. Will it be enough? We don’t know. Regardless, God could intervene, and I hope He does! Let’s pray for it!

But, regardless the outcome, God is sovereign! It is He who appoints leaders and removes them. What if our sovereign God leaves us with an anti-life, anti-religious freedom, pro-chaos, anti-Israel administration?

Humanly speaking, that is a place of despair for those whose eyes are fixed on earthly things. Those who hope in government may be in for a very long, dark night. But for those of us who love God and yearn for godliness to prevail, where is our trust?

Every Christian knows the answer to that question and the one we asked yesterday! Our hope and our trust are in Jesus our King, who still sits on the throne! But do we truly believe it?

Anne Graham Lotz so eloquently encourages us to put our confidence in an unshakable God. Today, I encourage you to find a quite place and a few quite moments and mediate on her encouragement to us. Then pray in agreement with her.

We will find ourselves trusting a little deeper in the midst of what the world might view as despair.

Placing Confidence in Our Unshakable God

Psalm 16:8 - I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at ...

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