Arab-Israeli Peace: They Said it Couldn’t Be Done!

With full attention squarely focused on elections, one of the greatest foreign policy accomplishments in world history has gone virtually unnoticed in America. It has also gone unnoticed because the media fails to give credit where credit is due.

When Donald Trump became President of the United States, he followed a long line of presidents who, since Israel’s re-birth in 1948, had promised peace (and a whole lot of other things) in the Middle East. Each insisted on trying to make a bad plan work. Namely, forge peace between Israel and the Palestinians, then the Arab world would follow.

President Trump saw it totally differently. His first trip abroad was to Saudi Arabia (then to Israel) to begin laying the foundation of a brand new idea. Trump, the ultimate deal-maker, believed that peace between Arab nations and Israel was the key, not peace with the Palestinians. Yet, practically the whole world thought it was a ridiculous idea.

Fast forward 3 1/2 years to find that 3 Muslim countries (UAE, Bahrain and Sudan) have made peace with Israel in less than 3 months! Not only that, it is believed that Saudi Arabia and Israel have already implemented secret agreements to work with one another in areas such as technology and defense. Look for Saudi Arabia (and at least 2 other Arab countries) to sign a peace deal with Israel soon. (Perhaps before the US elections.)

Despite the naysayers, President Trump has been the most pro-Israel president in American history. Yet, the opposition continues to criticize and discredit the peace deals and predict their demise.

Read more at They Said it Couldn’t be Done.

A word about the peace deals: Moderate Arab countries have a very vested interest in coordinating with Israel in opposition to their common nemisis, Iran. While I initially had my doubts that Arab countries would dive into the deals beyond anti-Iranian interests, the enthusiasm and immediate cooperation in multiple areas has been refreshing.

From a prophetic perspective, these deals fit the Ezekiel 38 script. Sheba and Dedan (the Arabian peninsula, which includes UAE and Bahrain) are ancient enemies of Iran, and will not be included among the nations who invade from the north (Russia, Iran, Turkey and others).

The wild card here is Sudan! According to the Ezekiel 38 prophecy and careful etymological study of ancient names, many Bible scholars believe Ethiopia (Cush, in some translations) include the area we know as Sudan. We also know Iran used Sudanese facilities to build weapons before Israeli jets bombed those facilities in 2012. Sudan was controlled at that time by radical Muslims.

Today, Sudan has a leader friendly toward Israel and yearning to gain cooperation that will bolster Sudan’s agriculture, technology, economy and other interests. Will it last? Not according to Bible prophecy. But let’s remember: Israel still has diplomatic relations with Russia and Turkey as well. Those won’t last either!

These are intersting times! The comprehensive peace plan put forth by the Trump administration and being activated by the signing of moderate Arab countries is a very significant accomplishment.

We may not know the gravity of that accomplishment until after the term of the most pro-Israel president ever is over. Let’s pray that doesn’t come soon.

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