Reflections and Gratitude!

Hi friends! May I take a break from the chaos to say a heartfelt thank you?

This blog has never been about numbers. I didn’t launch it to see how many visitors I could draw in or how many pages they would view. It was originally launched as a platform upon which to share photos and updates on an Israel trip. At the urging of friends, it turned into a place to share solid teaching and updates to those who share my love of Israel and her Messiah.

However, this year has brought record-breaking abundance. My excitement stems not from numbers for numbers sake, but because I began the year believing the Lord was urging me to pray more and invite others to join me….and boy, did you!

Little did I know what the year would bring.

Like many ministry sites, viewers and views have exploded because many around the world have been (and, in places, still are) locked up at home and use of social media is ramped up. That is true of Looking for the Blessed Hope.

Yesterday we surpassed the highest annual number of visitors and page visits of any year since the blog was launched in 2014…and we stil have almost 3 months left in the year.

It is exciting, not simply for numbers sake, but because I believe people are honestly searching for truth, and believers are joining together in prayer as never before. Those two things are drawing people to the Lord, and I see their comments to that effect. That is what excites me!

So, I am humbled and grateful you have chosen to stop by from time-to-time this year, and I promise to continue providing relevant, truthful information. I also pledge to continue urging Christians everywhere to pray. My heart is to bless every person who visits this page. All glory and honor belong to our Lord, so raise a hallelujah to Him!

Meanwhile, as you pray for Israel and for the upcoming election in our own land, please remember this:

Blessings…and many thanks, my friends!

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