Innovation Nation: At-Home Ultrasound Device

PulseNmore | Start-Up Nation Finder
Medical First: Israeli Mom and Infant Get MRI Together | United with Israel

Israeli start-up company, PulseNmore has developed an at-home ultrasound device, using a smart phone, that will enable pregnant women to conduct the ultrasound while connected virtually to their physicians. It is being offered by the largest Israeli health insurance entity, Clalit Health Services.

Though not designed to eliminate all regular visits to their physicians, the device came on the scene seemingly at the most opportune time…just in time to allow pregnant women to remain home during the COVID crisis, yet still receive quality monitoring of babies in the womb.

Read more about this innovation at PulseNmore Offers Home Pregnancy Ultrasounds with Handheld Device, or see it in action:

This reminds me of two things: God’s faithfulness to bless His people, and His perfect timing of all things!

The Jewish people are, in a sense, God’s guarantee of faithfulness to us as believers. Because God has remained true to every single promise He has made to His people, we can be absolutely certain of the promises He makes to us. For example, when He promises His grace is sufficient for us, we can believe Him. (2 Corinthians 12:9) When He promises eternal life to those who believe in Him and put their trust in Him, we can belief Him! (John 3:16, John 5:24)

As for timing…well, God is never too early or too late (despite the time table we may see as “perfect!”) Mercifully, He allowed this Israeli company to make available these devices just as COVID swept the world, thus, protecting women who may have been vulnerable from having to subject themselves and their unborn babies to potential infection.

Just like God, isn’t it! He uses Israel to bless the world, just as He promised in Genesis 12:3!

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