Has Israel Come Up with a Weapon against COVID?

The tunnel was designed to help communities fight against the spread of COVID-19.

While big government works with big pharma to quickly produce a vaccine that most Americans have said they will not take, others around the world are coming up with ways to live more safely with the virus (as we do with other viruses).

One such company is RD Pack, an Israeli company who shifted operational focus slightly. Normally, they produce automated machines for packing, shipping and storage, but have recently sped up development of sanitation tunnels that spray disinfectant mist on crowds entering a venue. It is being tested at Israel’s largest soccer stadium, and is targeted to serve sports arenas, malls, airports and other places with concentrated populations.

Israel pilots first-ever disinfectant tunnel for public spaces ...

Designed to spray disinfectant through nozzles creating very fine mist, the electrolyzed water-based solution was developed by Israeli chemists and automatically senses when a person enters the tunnel. Nozzles automatically shut themselves off when the tunnel is unoccupied.

According to its developers, the water-based solution is safe for skin and does not contaminate groundwater. Its bacteria-killing properties were proved in tests carried out in Israeli hospitals and has also proved effective in neutralizing corona-type viruses.

~Israel21C, accessed 8/15/2020

Testing at the stadium is concluding, and with success, the developers have their eyes set on the Tokyo Olympic games next summer. Likewise, the concept could soon expand to hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and airports! (Read more about it here.)

Returning to functionality is a common goal around the world. Let’s hope this innovation, and others like, prove successful and spread quickly!

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