An On-Fire Arab Pastor in Nazareth

I first met Pastor Saleem Shalash at an American Christian Leaders for Israel (ACLI) Conference in Washington DC in May 2018. The highlight of that conference was witnessing the dedication of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, but my favorite speaker at the event was Pastor Saleem! He absolutely loves the Lord, was incredibly energetic and proud to be Israeli!

There was, however, one very interesting twist: Pastor Saleem is Arab! I had never seen an Arab so delighted to call himself an Israeli, much less one whose love for Jesus spilled out all over people! What a joy to meet this Christian brother.

On that day, I vowed the first chance I got to take a group to Israel, we would visit his church! And that is exactly what we did in November 2019! As our group was exposed to this man’s contagious love and excitement in being a servant in the Lord’s kingdom, it became apparent this would be a staple in every tour.

Pastor Saleem was trained at Israel College of the Bible, who coordinates our tours. Thus, we have access to many Arab, Palestinian and Messianic Jewish pastors in Israel…and you know what? They all love one another because they love Jesus! It is amazing to see.

We’re doing it again in February 2021 and you are invited! If you have ever dreamed of going to Israel, we have customized a trip just for you! We’re hosting an online Info Meeting next Sunday (August 16) at 2:00 pm (Pacific time), so why not pop in and find out what it’s like! There is no cost for the meeting and absolutely no obligation. We just want to present the opportunity. Join us on Zoom by clicking this link: (Meeting ID: 731 190 7356)

Meanwhile, here is Pastor Saleem in action with a short bit about Jesus, the Chief Cornerstone:

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