Innovation Nation: Faces Behind Masks

Imagine being a hospital patient in the COVID-19 era. (Perhaps you have been!) You get dropped off curbside like a piece of luggage, never to see your loved ones again until released. You are treated by those you don’t…and you don’t even see their faces! How discouraging it could be to never see a smile or a comforting glance from those caring for you.

Now, imagine you are a young child or an older adult, perhaps facing the last days of life, and you are all alone in that scary place.

Well, an Israeli non-profit organization is working to bring faces from behind masks, helping to ease the stress and making the connection between patients and caregivers much more likely. Faces Behind Masks, an organization based in Tel Aviv, is providing personalized stickers featuring the face behind the mask! Check it out:

Faces Behind Masks provides a portal and guidance on how to create stickers. The initiative works when digital printers are willing to donate their services to produce the stickers. They can also be printed on regular paper, but then must be affixed somehow to the worker’s PPE.

Check out their website, and if you have connections with a printing business willing to provide copies, why not help this be a reality in your hometown!

BTW – Israel was recognized as the second most innovative country in the world when it comes to COVID-19! Rankings are found on StartUpBlink.

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