Register to Vote

Register to vote – Fort Carson Mountaineer
Deadline to register: October 5

The November election is without a doubt the most important election in our lifetime. As voters, we will determine if:

  • Our religious freedom goes away.
  • US support of Israel disappears.
  • Planned Parenthood and other facilities gain total freedom to murder even more babies with the full financial backing of the US government.
  • Socialism and lawlessness trump democracy and order, taking America straight down the gutter.
  • Extreme immorality is not only accepted, but promoted.

I could go on, but let’s stick strictly with Biblical principles and values, as each of the above do. Friends, our hope is NOT in Washington, but federal, state and local administrations determine how much freedom we really have to defend our Christian faith. Voting is important.

To those who say, “I just want to stick with religion, church or my faith,” I say, “Read your Bible!” I’m not suggesting you become an activist if that’s not your thing, but throughout Scripture, God’s people were very committed to involvement in government affairs. In fact, religion and government were intertwined! Example: King David! Example: Joseph took a very pregnant mother of the Christ child many miles on a donkey in order to be counted in the government census!

October 5 is the deadline, and registration is easy and can usually be done online. Arizonans, click here. For those in other states, google “[your state] register to vote”

Let your vote be your voice…otherwise, you have no right to complain! Register and vote…it’s your American privilege and your Biblical duty!

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