Is There a Cure in the COVID-Infected World?

Our nation continues to wallow in the squalor of unverified information and, at times, seemingly purposeful misinformation. It is virtually impossible to decipher what is true and what is not, and what is “true” today seems to change tomorrow.

Today, we’re going to get to what’s true, so stick with me!

I’m not a physician, so I can’t verify this video, but I have long believed finding a vaccine is NOT the answer to the C-19 crisis. After all, they have been seeking a vaccine for things such as AIDS for decades, and even the annual flu vaccine is based on guesswork, depending upon what “strain” they predict ahead of time.

It’s Saturday, so sit down and relax while checking out this video, and consider for yourself whether or not it may be a viable treatment option:

As a Christian and a fellow Texas Tech Red Raider alumni, I hope Dr Bartlett has nailed this! But whether or not that’s the case, consider this:

Dr Bartlett believes he has discovered the “silver bullet,” the treatment that will yield results in this battle against the COVID pandemic. He is excited…he is telling everyone he can…he is giving it out to patients, and they are LIVING as a result!

What if there was a “silver bullet” to cure the sin pandemic? Who would be willing to administer it? Who would tell everyone they know about the cure? Who would hand it out like candy to all the “sick” people they saw?

Yes, you know where this is going…straight to the truth! May I challenge you, my Christian friends, to be a Dr Bartlett! We have the cure to the sin problem! It comes in pill form…”God’s pill”…the Gospel! Dear brothers and sisters, when is the last time you gave away the “God’s pill?” When is the last time you were excited enough to tell everyone you know about the cure?

Yes, I know…we’re all “shy” when it comes to sharing the Gospel. We fear being seen as a lunatic, and we do not want to offend people. While I agree there is an appropriate way to go about it and an inappropriate way that comes across less-than-Christ-like, why do we hesitate to even take advantage of the situations that are “teed up” for us?

Yesterday, I intentionally turned a current event story into an opportunity to share the Gospel. (If you missed it, here it is.) I’m not anyone special. I don’t have “special skills” that others don’t have. I’ve simply spent time in prayer over the years asking the Lord to give me opportunities and creative ways to share “God’s Pill” with people every single day. Some days, I’m working from home and don’t even come face-to-face with another human being, yet, I still have a voice!

I share that simply to say: Use whatever means God has put before you. Sometimes I share “God’s Pill” face-to-face, at other times I share it on social media. I’ve made up my mind that, despite how I despise social media, I can use it for the glory of God. You can do the same!

Is there a cure in the COVID-infested world? Absolutely! While people like Dr Bartlett search for a cure for the coronavirus, I’m going to share the cure for sin. After all, it is much deadlier (100% mortality rate!) and has eternal consequences. We’ve got the cure…will you share it today?

Here’s a simple diagram. Learn to draw it, and memorize some key verses. It becomes simple to explain when you have opportunities to actually talk through it with someone! If nothing else…learn to explain in 30 seconds or less what Jesus has done in your life. A person can’t argue against that, and it’s difficult to escape in 30 seconds! Share the “God’s Pill!”

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