Promised Land Stories – The Olive Tree Root

Don’t you love celebrating Christ’s resurrection every Sunday! Actually, we can celebrate it every day of our lives! But as believers, we set aside Sunday…the day of Jesus’ resurrection…as our weekly celebration of the new life He has given us!

In today’s Promised Land Story, that new life is going to be illustrated in the most beautiful way! This is perhaps my favorite Promised Land Stories video because Hermana’s shares the “grafted in” principles in such a simple way to understand.

This is the third in a series of three short videos about the olive tree and its lessons. If you missed the first two, take a few minutes to view them before you move on to today’s video. (They are short!) You will be blessed!

Now, enjoy The Olive Tree Root!

PS: Olive trees are full of life lessons! Come with us to Israel in February, where we will see the olive trees and learn their lessons in the land in which Jesus taught them! More information here.

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