United Allied States…Can You Say One World Order!?!

United Allied States (UAS) Shares Vision to Build a Global Nation ...

Seemingly from out of nowhere has arisen a new “nation” whose stated goal is to “establish freedom focused, sovereign special economic zones across the globe.” This new nation already has departments in place, interim Congressmen appointed, and a presidential election slated for July 30, 2020, in which Congressmen will elect the president.

Though certain things may sound good (such as “promotion of freedom; respect for human life; and free-market enterprise”), nowhere can I find those values defined. Instead (and more concerning), are hints of one world currency and, of course, the appearance of One World Order.

Who’s backing it? Where will the seat of government be? What system of governance will be implemented? What’s the purpose of a “new nation?” Where can I find it’s constitution?

Problematic to say the least!

This is only a recently-formed entity, with an article announcing its formation on May 20, 2020. However, they are making conservative-sounding promises regarding things such as freedom, respect for human life, etc. But, be very leery! With no outward statement of who they really are and what they really stand for, this is very likely either an attempt to distract conservative voters, or some sort of “test run” for globalists.

Ironically, we’re in the midst of focusing on lawlessness and deception, and we’re getting a real life example right before our very eyes! Expect to hear more about it, but don’t bite off on it, friends! Be diligent to seek truth and to stand firm on God’s Word!

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