Explosion in Iran, American Commandos Lead Iraqis in Raid of Iranian Militias in Iraq

Iranian authorities investigating explosion near military site ...

While we were sleeping last night, news was coming out of Iran and Iraq regarding significant happenings there.

First, in Iran, a giant explosion occurred near Tehran at a military base thought to have connections with Iran’s nuclear program. There were reportedly no casualties and the fire was put out. At the time of writing, no news is found regarding the cause of the explosion.

Meanwhile in Iraq, Iraqi forces led by American commandos raided an Iranian-backed militia base near Baghdad. The Kataib Hezbollah faction, which has fired rockets at American military installations in Iraq, was targeted, and reports surfaced of 19-23 members taken into custody.

New Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, has pledged to take action against militia groups that target Americans, and this is the first sign of that cooperation.

Never a dull moment in the Middle East! These stories are developing…

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