You are a…Royal Priesthood!

A Royal Priesthood - David McKinney | Cross Church

There are many “identity” verses in Scripture…those that teach us who we truly are. One such verse is 1 Peter 2:9, where we are identified as a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation and a people for God’s own possession. With Christ as our Savior, all those things are true of us. But let’s focus on one: royal priesthood.

Think of that attribute in light of the worldwide pandemic of our day. Now, think of this: churches with online services report unprecedented numbers of viewers during this pandemic; downloads of Christian resources (sermons, Bible studies, etc) have been record-breaking by unimaginable margins; and sites with guidance in how to know Jesus personally have exploded with clicks, and with new believers registering their decisions.

Indeed, one of the unexpected side effects of the pandemic has been the incredible opportunities for believers to share the love of Jesus. With the proliferation of social media, we all have an outlet to the world. We can reach out to share the love of Christ, to spread messages of love and forgiveness, and bring hope to those lost in hopelessness and despair!

Is it any wonder God’s Word calls us a royal priesthood! For many in the world, we may be the only connection to the Father and it is our privilege, as royal priests, to share what God has done for us!

People are looking for hope. Truth be told, most are fed up with the news and are seeking something to provide a sense of stability. Jesus is that “something!” We are royal priests in the service of the King of Kings, and now is our time to shed hesitations and share the Gospel!

Priests represent God to others. Priests are like ambassadors, mediating between the one they represent and the ones to whom they are representing. Do you have a circle of Facebook friends? Why not begin posting encouraging verses. Is Twitter or Instagram your social media of choice? Share some truth! Or, perhaps you’re “old school.” When you write an email, include a meaningful verse. Or, how about this! The next time someone shares with you about a difficult situation, stop right then and pray a short prayer with them.

Believers, let’s begin to live out our full identity. I am a royal priest, and so are you! Imagine if every Christian began to live it out! How long do you think protests would last? How much would this impact the sky rocketing depression and suicide numbers we are now experiencing? How much peace is missing from our world because those of us who know Jesus don’t share the Good News?

When God is glorified in His creation (us!), eyes turn to Jesus and the cares of the world grow strangely dim! God bless you in your royal priesthood!

PS: One for Israel provides a good article regarding this. Check out A Kingdom of Priests? Am I a Priest Now?

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