What Comes After this Life?

Happy Lord’s Day, my friends! Do you know what we celebrate today and every Sunday? The first day of the week! The day Jesus rose from the grave to give us life everlasting!

You see, there is life even after we leave this earth, all because of the miracle that day! Jesus was the “first fruit.” Since that is so, it implies “fruit” to follow. First fruit is actually a reference to the Jewish Feast of First Fruit, which was a harvest festival. One day, there will be a great harvest of souls as God the Father sends Jesus the Son to redeem His children (believers in Jesus Christ). He rose, so that we might rise as well…the second fruit, if you will. We know that as the rapture.

Following Jesus’ resurrection, He ascended to the Father where, according to John 14:1-3, He is preparing a place for us, so that we might be with Him forever. Friends, that is what the rapture does. It is the doorway into the eternal presence of our Lord! There most certainly is life after death, and it will be a glorious eternity for those of us who know Jesus.

Even in Bible days, prior to Jesus’ resurrection, people believed in an afterlife. In today’s Promised Land Story, Hermana takes us to an ancient burial cave to explain how the Jewish people prepared for the afterlife. Keep in mind, the first followers of Christ were actually Jewish! Won’t it be a grand hello when we meet our first spiritual ancestors when we get to that place being prepared for us!


PS: Check back in later today for some awesome worship from the City of the Great King (Jerusalem)!

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