Where is Justice? Only in the Word of God!

Growing up in church, we used to sing a song called Jesus Loves the Little Children. Did you sing it too? It goes like this:

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the children of the world!

Where I grew up, the song was often sung in settings with children of many skin tones, and there were no racial connotations to it. Some might have called us “naive,” but we were blind to the differences. Later it became politically incorrect to view people as those colors. However, in our world, the words could have said “orange and purple, pink and blue,” as it meant nothing other than God loves ALL the children of the world!

Moreover, it was a learning tool to teach us a Biblical principle: there is only one race…the human race. Acts 17:26 makes it clear God created every nation of mankind from one man, one blood. We are all descendants of Adam (the first human), and Noah. Since his was the only family to board and emerge from the ark following the global flood, they were the only humans inhabiting the planet!

The Bible tells us that God judged the world by water, the global flood of Noah’s day. Years later, as the population grew and mankind became rebellious once again, they attempted to build a tower into heaven, thinking they could gain equality with God. As a consequence, God scattered the people and confused their language. Thus, people groups navigated to various parts of the world, skin tone adapted to the environment and new languages emerged…yet they remained only a single race, the human race. (For more info, read Answers in Genesis’ article, One Race.)

So, what’s the point? There are two. First, as in every other crisis in life, the current one is solved only when we apply truth taught in God’s Word. We are, indeed, one race, and the answer lies not in “social justice,” but in obedience to God. Rebellion of any sort, and on either side of the conflict, always carries consequences.

Secondly, it is precious when human beings gather with absolutely no regard for skin tone or cultural differences. In fact, when the reason for the gathering is to worship the King of King and Lord of Lords…the One who created us in His image…it is a sweet, sweet sound to the ears our Lord!

I want to share one such worship experience. Here, an Ethiopian Messianic Jew leads an incredibly diverse group of Middle Eastern, Asian, European, African and American worshipers in praise. Indeed, “red and yellow, black and white” join together as one blood to worship their Creator and Sustainer! Enjoy!

PS: If you’re interested, Dr Tony Evans hit the nail on the head in this recent 3-minute interview. Check it out!

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