Saving Jewish Lives: The Story of a True American Hero

Some may be familiar with the story of Master Sargent Roddie Edmonds, but I suspect most have never heard of him. But you should!

In 2015, I attended a Christian Leaders Seminar at Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. In my class was a pastor from Tennessee named Chris Edmonds. While there, Chris was notified that his father, MSgt Roddie Edmonds was named Righteous Among the Nations, the highest honor bestowed by the State of Israel upon non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.

In those 10 days, we all got to know Chris and we heard his dad’s story first-hand. It is one of the most heroic and honorable stories I’ve ever heard, and though I’ve heard Chris share it many times now, I never tire of it. Just a couple weeks ago the Florida Holocaust Museum featured Chris on an online presentation and it is now available on YouTube. This is truly a “must see” for anyone who yearns for a true American hero.

The entire video is about an hour long, but here are key points to which you can fast forward:

  • 6:40 – Chris is introduced and begins telling the story.
  • 18:20-32:00 – The story is told by survivors whose lives were saved by MSgt Edmonds.
  • 32:00-38:30 – Chris shares about his dad being honored as Righteous Among the Nations.
  • 38:39-1:02:45 – Q&A

You will be incredibly uplifted by this story, and it will brighten your day! Enjoy!

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