American-Israeli Cooperation: This is What Friends Do!

Under the Netanyahu and Trump administrations, Israel and America have formed deeper foreign policy (and other) relations than ever in Israel’s history. Recently (prior to the outbreak), Israel and China had agreed to certain working relationships and were in the midst of additional negotiations.

Hopefully both nations have learned valuable lessons, given China’s lack of transparency in dealing with the current international crises and their questionable motives. On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Israel for meetings with Netanyahu, which included discussion regarding security of Israel’s water system. With Israeli negotiations with the Chinese underway, America’s input and counsel to the Israelis was undoubtedly straight-forward in opposition to the agreement with China.

That’s what good international relations should look like! Praise God for the stance we have taken with Israel. You can read more details here:

Trump Fighting to Prevent China from Controlling Israel’s Drinking Water

Unfortunately, Scripture warns of a day Israel will stand alone in the face of attack from a coalition led by Russia, Iran and Turkey. (Ezekiel 38-39) What could happen to cause America not to stand by Israel’s side? Many things, including a collapsed economy. As we progress through what some experts are calling the worst depression in US history, it causes us to wonder just how long America will remain a world power.

If you missed yesterday’s post, a new study guide called Coronavirus and the Emerging New World Order was introduced. Perhaps it sheds some light!


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